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Captivate Your Audience

When you speak to an audience, your job is to captivate -  whether you are in the boardroom, creating content on social media, podcasting or speaking from the stage.

You've experienced speakers, content creators, and podcasters who captivate with their stories and knowledge while elevating you to another level in your own life.  Learn lesser-known methods to drag your audience down the rabbit hole, leaving them permanently changed by your knowledge-share, while exposing them to new ideas that change their life. Here's what I have in store for you:

Week 1: Mindset
Mentally prepare for what it takes to put yourself out there by addressing:
- internal gremlins who make you want to quit before you start
- content creation that is 100% about serving your audience
- elimination of narcissism in your content
- using the six senses to captivate your audience

Week 2: Voice
Understand why we can listen to some people for hours, while others we tune out right away. You will learn how to master your voice while creating vocal variety through:
- pitch
- speed
- volume
- enunciation
- energy

Week 3: Body
Your body can tell a story better than your voice, yet it is the most under-utilized tool for speakers, content creators, and podcasters. Effectively employ your body to convey your story and knowledge at a different level by application of your:
- face
- spine
- limbs

Week 4: Space
Nobody wants to be just a talking head, whether on camera or on stage. When you use your space, you create visual variety and energy variance that engages your audience through techniques including:
- approach
- retreat
- witness vs. engage

Week 5: Choreograph
Practice makes progress, and this week will teach you how to pull everything together to think through executing your content on stage, online, and on podcasts. Set yourself up for success by learning how to:
- choreograph your content
- masterfully craft your message for maximum impact
- efficiently practice for maximum results.  Course is delivered with online learning of modules & lessons which are available on purchase.

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